Church stuff.

Super-excited I am, because today I went to “learn all about all the groups at St. Luke’s” day with two destinations in mind. 1: Young adults activities, and 2: The orchestra.

Sidenote: One guy started talking to me about activities for people in their 30s-40s (do I really look 35?), and another lady asked me what grade I was in (do I really look 17?)

Anyway, the second I told the orchestra lady I played French horn, she got pumped because I guess they need one. I told her that I’d never taken lessons, but that I was the soloist for IYO once; that I hadn’t played in a while, but I have 8-9 years of experience and I miss it and love it and am looking for a group exactly like this to play in. The next practice is Feb 12, so that’s where I’ll be. She even gave me music to practice 🙂

  • Perk: I’ll get to play alongside 2 exceptional horn performers, at least one of which is affiliated with the ISO.
  • Perk: It’s only once a month. Perfect for my level of commitment-ability.
  • Perk: They’re really good. I feel really honored. I hope I don’t screw up.
  • Perk: Music friends.

Per the young adult activities, I’m most looking forward to Saturday mornings hiking at Eagle Creek, and maybe volleyball nights.

Next week is Life Group launch day at Northview, which I plan to attend. So I’ll see how that goes.

But I feel really good about finding solid friend groups now. It will be a while before I choose a church, but I think that doesn’t matter.


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