New Year's Resolutions

I have about 40 New Years Resolutions this year. That sheer number is illustrative of the amount of discontentment I have with myself at the moment. I figure if I achieve at least 5% of them, it will have been a success.

In no particular order, here are a handful off the top of my head:

  • Make life friends. Like real BFFs. Like Nico, Wendy, and Victory.
  • Make friends who go on ski trips and hiking trips and road trips
  • Come to terms with my spiritual side
  • Figure out myself
  • Lose like 50 pounds
  • Be healthy in food and in exercise
  • Track every expense I make
  • Go to the doctor and get my 3+ minor surgeries
  • Sleep like a normal person
  • Organize my life and my work files, and keep it that way
  • Learn to cook cool things
  • Travel to the West
  • Pay off my car loan
  • Potentially join the St. Luke’s orchestra, if that’s the church I select
  • Read. Other than online. Like books and professional journals.
  • Immortal productivity

I’m really excited about all of them. I try, though fallibly, to focus on the parts of my life about which I have the most control. Many of the above resolutions (except of course the ones I desire the most) fit within that realm, so the potential to achieve them is quite positive.


Hannah Downey

UX Design Consultant at Salesforce focused on content & sustainability. I love information design, the art+science of text, guac, sweet potatoes, & amazing people.

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