If I could do college again

This is going to be the most boring year of college ever. I should be graduated, but I’m not. I should be with my friends in Bloomington, but I’m not. Most of them are graduated anyways so they’re not even there. I want to just skip student teaching next Spring, but I won’t. I’m at home, and my brothers are both at Purdue as of today, and I’m going to be so freaking lonely.

Tim just called me and I guess he’s wandering campus tonight with a high school friend and his friends. And I was telling him how I didn’t do that my first night (I’m so depressing). And how I wished I could do college again. He said, “Only without the learning?” And I said, “No, if I could do it again, I would be a computer science major.”

Haha. I’m definitely serious. I think computer science is so fascinating… it’s like magic.

Call me a traitor, but tonight I’m inheriting Tom’s Purdue hoodie that he doesn’t like anymore, but I do like… and I’m so pumped for that. 🙂


Hannah Downey

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