After Venice.

I was watching the Travel Channel again, and just happened to turn it on as they were having an episode about Venice. And I tell you what… that really was this uniquely surreal experience that is just so incredibly beyond description. I so hope I can go back there again someday. Next time as a fully physically capable person.

Don’t really prefer to go as a tourist, though. I really would love to lead a school group there…. I think that would be incredible teacher-ing. (I’m currently not interested in being a teacher… my mind changes every month or so. But I’ve not wanted to be a teacher since early May.) So maybe I better get a Masters in something.

But I shed a tear or two during that Travel Channel show when I saw it, as I was reminded of all of the Venetian ambience that there was… I really did.

Recently I’ve started to print out my digital photos from the trip, and honestly I wish I had taken more pictures. I have 450, but ironically that really doesn’t cut it! And an even bigger problem that I’m struggling with is how to present the images. After a book arts class, I feel like I should do a sufficient job! Grrr…

Holy cow I loved Venice…

But anyways… I have an interview for an internship next Tuesday. Basically I can only do it if they’ll let me do it for credit at IU. Because as it turns out, I really did need that second class in Venice. AND I need yet ANOTHER one. Because even though I have over 60 excess credits for the B.A. in Studio Art, they’re not all in the appropriate category. I need 3 more hours in COAS. Wonderful. So I won’t have time for this internship unless I can do it for credit. I really hope it works out and this place is a good fit for me, because in theory, it’s exactly what I’m looking for — it’s a texile graphic design studio in downtown Indy…. so we shall see. And as Yoda might say, “See, we shall.”


Hannah Downey

UX Design Consultant at Salesforce focused on content & sustainability. I love information design, the art+science of text, guac, sweet potatoes, & amazing people.

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