Munich and Holland

Geez I´m so tired. It´s been a long day. Or two.

Neuschwanstein Castle was a letdown… and awful on my feet. First of all it rained. No, it poured. And I´m ashamed to say I wasn´t prepared for that. So I was miserable. I love rain when I´m prepared for it. But not when I´m not. And second of all, the tour guide we had was awful. She seriously was like, “Okay I´m going to go to all these places and you can follow me if you want” She never once took a count of people after the first time. We started with 35 people, but who knows how many people got stranded on the Austrian border. It was EVERYTHING I HAD to keep up with that girl on my foot. I can only go so fast, and it was an act of God that I didn´t get left behind.

Moral of the story.. be wary of tour groups.

But I got back to the hostel and gave my feet a break because I couldn´t physically do anything anyways. My feet were useless at that point. So I spent the time seriously reorganizing my bags because guess what….

The AMAZING Munich hostel was going to let me store stuff there (without liability) for the next week that I´m in Amsterdam and Interlaken. And I can pick it up before the Verona opera. SO NICE to only lug around what I need. WHAT’S MORE is that I was ALSO allowed to keep a small locker for my valuable items that I had (Venetian glass and Tom´s birthday present and my art projects). And I think they return the 5 euros to me when I give the key back. AWESOME. Meininger City Hostel in Munich gets an amazing rating from me.

Then I met a Hawaiian guy studying architecture in Missouri and we went to dinner at the Augustiner Bierhaus for pork bratwurst and saurkraut (yes I tried it).

In the morning I did a little window shopping because I really like some German colors and styles of clothing. One shirt I did end up buying, and then I headed for the train station because I couldn´t do the overnight train option this time because it would have put me in Amsterdam two hours after Erica, and I wasn´t about to sacrifice that. So, I got into Amsterdam Airport at 1:10 AM after a stressful night of three connection trains arriving and leaving 6 minutes apart from different tracks. But I made it, thankfully. Although once I got there, I had a rough time sleeping. I tried the floor in a corner, but a random person decided to wake me up just to ask why I was sleeping there instead of at a hotel. And then I couldn´t sleep again because I was too cold, and so I moved. But then I couldn´t sleep because I wasn´t comfortable. And I got cold again. Finally at like 4 AM I gave in and broke my trend of no American food and ate at the 24 hour Burger King just to get some warm food in me to hopefully warm me up and since I was hungry after all. Finally I decided to sleep on top of this luggage rack in a sparsely populated bathroom (don´t worry Amsteram Airport has clean bathrooms that don´t smell bad) and besides it was warm in the bathrooms. SO I had the best hour and a half of sleep there of the night… until this flight attendant lady comes in to put on her makeup for the day and tells me that I´m not allowed to be sleeping there. Whatever. Then I just slept in a chair with my head on my travel pillow on my backpack, and my foot elevated on top of my suitcase. (P.S. I still have some swelling.)

But then it came time for Erica to arrive from Cairo, so I brushed my teeth and junk, and then stored my luggage in a locker and we FOUND EACH OTHER!!! and took a train to the city center and took a boat cruise of Amsterdam together and caught up with each other´s lives… SO NICE!!! Oh I miss her. What a little tease that couple hours was.

P.S. she´s going to visit grandma (I forget which one) in Indy on the 9th so you should all go see her and her parents and say hi. They live in Florida now, and are stopping by on their way from Holland, Michigan to Florida.

So my hostel here is another good one. It´s this little Christian haven in the midst of Amsterdam, right next to the Red Light District. The staff is all Christian, and they organize Bible Studies every night, and trips to church on Sundays (tomorrow) and all kinds of things like that. It was really cool to check in here and immediately hear all this worship music that I haven´t heard since I was back in Bloomington.

I guess Erica is planning on staying in Amsterdam for a week before she goes back to Cairo in August, so I´ll definitely be recommending this hostel to her.

This is gonna be so great… yay Dutch. 🙂 I know I want to rent a bike and go out of the city into the countryside for one whole day and see windmills and farms and real Dutch people (not tourists). I´ll also be going to the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House maybe, and the Ritjksmuseum where they have all the Rembrandts. And the Heineken brewery is very close too, so maybe they offer tours. But I think I´m gonna take it a little more easy than I have been the past week, and not try and force myself to see everything in this little amount of time because really, it´s a lost cause and it only makes my feet hurt and makes me exhausted.

Seriously, when Dr. Woo looks at my feet in a week and a half, I don´t know what he´s going to think…. like, I normally have ugly feet, but right now?? Holy cow.


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