I tell you what.. I wouldn’t mind going to grad school for design someday in Germany. Just an idea.

My hostel here is awesome. Basically a million times better than Rome. Besides sharing rooms with other people, it’s basically high class. I reccommend this hostel to anyone.

Went to the Modern art museum here yesterday, which was absolutely amazing. Excellent museum. And they had a special exhibit going on called Architektur + Sport which was obviously about the merging of architectural design with multi-purpose athletic standards and requirements. It was so interesting, and I’ve never been so interested in appreciating architectural design. There were beautiful scale models of all these Olympic Stadiums and things like the Collosseum and many other athletic arenas, etc.

Speaking of Olympic Stadiums, I also visited Munich’s Olympic Stadium from the 1970s yesterday. Very cool.

Then I was going to meet up with this Northern Irish guy I met on the Munich walking tour my first day at the Deutsches Museum, but I got off at the wrong U-Bahn stop and ended up being late. But we found each other when the museum closed and had dinner at this cute little restaurant. I am all about visual ambience at restaurants, I tell you what.

Then.. hah. For those of you like me who thought that loud German beer halls were in history, or just a stereotype… no. They´re real. Höfbrauhaus guys… old fat men playing in a band in liederhosen traditional songs and Eidelweiss… it’s real. And it’s awesome. Hilarious. Munich is the beer capital of the world… interesting fact.. 1 in 3 of the world’s breweries are in Munich.

So I bought a pair of Birkenstock sandals here. They’re made here, so they’re much cheaper.

Today I’m going on a day trip to Nueschwanstein Castle, which was the inspiration for Walt Disney World castle. There is light hiking involved, so hopefully everything goes well with my foot with that. But it’s supposed to be Germany’s #1 tourist destination and it’s got a beautiful view of the Alps and you go by a waterfall… pretty pumped for a magical day in Deutschland.

Today is also the first day I’m wearing a real shoe in 6 weeks. It’s extremely awkward, and I really hope it gets less awkward by the end of the day.

Not really in the mood to type right now I realize, so I’ll continue later.


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