So Rome is REALLY creepy.

Like, it’s got a lot of really great history… but other than that, I’m totally creeped out. And I’m using an internet STORE just so I’m not in the hostel… first of all, it took me forever to find the hostel… it’s in this random 2nd floor of somewhere. I MADE SURE to lock my luggage because there was no luggage room for me to leave it until after my bed was ready at 2:30, and the creepy guy who runs the place just told me to leave it there. I guess the guy is creepy because apparently he was in a car accident a couple days ago, so he’s really drugged up and swollen in weird body parts and I can’t understand him talk. But I think he would be creepy even if he wasn’t in the accident.

And I just got asked to do drugs tonight for the first time by the girls who were in the hostel when I got there.

DEFINTELY avoiding being there.

It makes me mad because the description on the internet made it sound so friendly. I guess friendly has more than one type of definition. At least it’s clean though.

I hate to say this, but I can’t wait to leave Rome for Florence Monday morning. Tomorrow I think I’ll be all day at the Vatican, so I hope that lets me end on a high note.

Plus I got super-sunburnt today on my shoulders and stuff… the sun here has no mercy, and it’s got to be about 90 degrees. I just went to a Farmacia, but they don’t have just regular aloe. They wanted to sell me something that was like 15 euros, but I don’t even know what it was REALLY for. Cuz aloe was not on the list of ingredients.

But I saw the Colloseum and Palatine Hill and the Arches of Constantine and Titus, and the Baths of Caracalla. Basically I’m just being a tourist.


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