Next time you bake biscuits for breakfast (from batter), dice up some chunks of ham and throw that in the mix. It’s really good, and is actually what I’m eating right now for breakfast.

So I booked a reservation on the last train to Salzburg Friday night. 8:44, and I’ll arrive there at 4 30 in the morning… so let’s hope I can sleep on the train! I didn’t reserve a couchette or anything just cuz it was 25 euros…. that’s like 30 bucks… a little too much for me, when I might be able to sleep in a seat.. I hope. But anyways, I figure I’ll familiarize myself with a map when I arrive, and set out at sunrise for some cool photographs and learn my way around a bit before everything opens. But what I’m sure of so far is the Sound of Music Tour, Sunday mass at St. Peter’s where they will be performing a Mozart mass (lots of Mozart stuff going on because it’s his 250th birthday this year), Saturday night I booked a seat at the Marionette Theater to see Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” performed by marionettes…. so PUMPED! But it is in German with no subtitles or anything… so that could be rough potentially, but at least I’m more familiar with German than I am with Italian. I’m thinking about having attending a fancy lunch thing at St. Peters after mass, but am not totally sure… I’m also thinking about riding a cable car ober the mountians to where I WOULD hike some Alps if I COULD. The transportation would be free with the Salzburg Card (that will also get me into Mozart’s birthplace, residency, etc.), and at least it would have some good views.

So yeah… I’m SO PUMPED for Salzburg like you wouldn’t believe. I’m taking the day off of class Monday so I can stay longer.. the hostel makes you stay two nights anyways… or at least pay for 2! But I’ll be bringing some portable work do do on the train and with down time.

I chose Salzburg over Rome for this weekend, because when I was researching everything in Rome, I got comletely overwhelmed by the massive amounts of STUFF… and decided I really wasn’t ready to go IN FOUR DAYS. So I’ll go there next weekend, first thing after Venice is over.

I also booked my Milan hostel for the night before my flight home, and my Amsterdam hostel… July 1, 2, and 3 at this Christian hostel that looked much more appealing than the ones that emphasized “being happy in the happy room” or “in the most liberal city in the world”… I wanted to stay somewhere on the day BEFORE those, because I’m meeting Erica Heeg at the airport at 8 AM on the 1st for the morning… so I don’t know if I’ll just try and get a night train or stay somewhere else for one night. But I’m also SO PUMPED to spend 4 or 5 days in Holland because, as I found out in my connecting flight, I feel right at home listening to Dutch people talk! And as you know, I really wouldn’t mind meeting my husband there 🙂 Anyways, family, especially grandmas… let me know if there’s anywhere signifant family-history-like that I could take a day train to, or bike to or something, and I probably will do that.

And Rob, I’ll be starting to plan my Munich trip soon… so if you know of anything there, let me know! I’ve already committed to the excellent beer and bratwurst, but that’s basically it so far!

Well, time for class. Ciao!


Hannah Downey

UX Design Consultant at Salesforce focused on content & sustainability. I love information design, the art+science of text, guac, sweet potatoes, & amazing people.

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