Okay, so good news with the x-rays…. everything seems to be healing correctly despite my high level of activity and almost-falling incident. It’s still broken, and I have to stay in the boot for at least 2 1/2 more weeks now, but everything is good! I’ll probably be ditching the crutches altogether very soon. No pain anymore. Just swelling after a lot of walking.

So I was going to go to Salzburg next weekend, but when I went to book my hostel, I found out that the only available place has a minimum night stay requirement, so I can’t go to Salzburg yet. But I’m okay with that because that just means that when I DO, I have to stay more than one night. And that’s okay 🙂 But I’m thinking about going to Rome for next weekend now. We’ll see… I’m going to look into it right after I finish updating this. That’ll be good because now, after Venice, I can just make one giant loop of travel…. Salzburg, Munich, Amsterdam, Interlaken, then Milan (and maybe Lake Como for Kathy!) and home.

Last week we visited the Frari, which is Venice’s second largest church and is home to Titian’s “Assumption of the Virgin”. It was really cool, and when we were there, there was a children’s choir reharsing… they were elementary-aged children, and they were very good! Getting all the harmonies and everything… so that was fun to watch. Then we went to an old school which housed basically an entire Bible worth of paintings by Tintoretto. Tintoretto was contemporary with Caravaggio, so he used a lot of the same light/dark chiaroscuro techniques which I am a big fan of. This place was unbelievable. All of the paintings are such unique takes on the common Bible scenes. So unique that I purchased the book and accompanying CD-rom to use either in art classes I teach or at church someday.

Oh, and now that I’m in Catholic World, I know what the Assumption actually was.

We do seem to get into the occasional religion conversations. I think that’s kind of fun, even though I’m not the most qualified to speak… cuz there’s a philosophy major, a “Catholic” who doesn’t even remember the last time she went to church before yesterday at San Marco, a non-religious girl who right now seems to only be concerned with “finding a philosopher that she agrees with”, and me, and my printmaking teacher has a degree in art history (but mistook the Assumption for the Ascension), and Paul is a practicing Lutheran, we just found out. He knew what the Assumption actually was, as we discovered after I spent like an hour trying to find in the New Testament where anything like that ever happened to Mary. Since I couldn’t find Mary’s death, I “assumed” she must have been “assumed” or something. Haha. It must be documented somewhere else… doesn’t the Catholic Bible have a couple extra books?

More bad cheese… Ricotta. This stuff was so salty and strong that I almost puked AGAIN like with the Gorgonzola. At least this time I wasn’t in a restaurant where I’m a familiar face with the waiters. (Or maybe it’s just my foot that is familiar.)

In Verona we saw them setting up the scenery for the opera season… this stuff was gigantic… there was a semi driving around with a giant HAND that took up half of the semi’s trailer bed.

So wines….. my favorites so far are the Chianti and Cabernets. I just got a bottle of Pino Bianco today which I thought was good too. It might make my list of favorites by the end of the week. I haven’t done as much wine connoisseuring as I would have liked to by now, and that’s because when you live with people who drink basically way too much, you get REALLY turned off to the idea of joining in to any degree and drinking any of it yourself. When I say “you” I mean “me”. So I mostly just do my wine-tasting with my lunches, because I have lunch on my own or with teachers. And when I eat out, they have a house wine option in Italy, where you can just get like a quarter liter for between 2 and 4 euros of either the house red or white wine. I do that when I eat out usually.

What I kinda miss from home right now:

My roommates in Bloomington

Bratwurst on the grill (although I’ll get plenty of that in Germany)

Mountain Dew of any kind

People who don’t leave sick sink remnants there

A larger array of shoes to select from

My blankets

My music… Nichole Nordeman, Martina, and Josh Gracin mainly 🙂


Tom, I got you basically the perfect birthday gift. You will LOVE it. 🙂

Thought for the day. “Beware of harking back to what you were once, when God wants you to be something you have never been.” -Oswald Chambers

Did I tell you guys about going to the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit? I don’t think so. It, also, was a very interesting exhibit…. it was comprised of models constructed based on da Vinci’s drawings in his codices… like, inventions and things. Two highlights for me… I learned exactly what a flywheel is, so now I’m going to have to go back and read that portion of Jim Collin’s “Good to Great” about his flywheel concept…. also, I confirmed that Venice IS IN FACT not flat. It is on a tilt. I confirmed this by reading da Vinci’s aeronautic contraption that he devised to read the angle at which planes were ascending. It was a marker on a surface, directly below a pendulum attached to the bottom of a wide vase-like thing, turned upside down, so the wind didn’t affect the pendulum. The pendulum did not line up with the marker, thus I conclude that Venice IS on a tilt. …. I also bought a book about Leonardo… “Art and Science”… only because I go NUTS when subjects integrate with one another and Leonardo pretty much epitomizes a lot of the relationships between art and science.

I hope I figure out the postal system so I can send all of this stuff home instead of lugging it all throughout Europe.

Ok, well you all keep me posted on your lives too!


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