Once again, apologies to my fans for not updating more often. Unfortunately it’ll probably continue to be this way because me get limited studio hours, and there is barely enough time to get my WORK done in those hours… let alone pop into the computer lab to update. I wish the school had unlimited open hours like IU does. But it’s okay because I get to see more of Venice when they force us out.

Speaking of seeing more of Venice, last night was the first time I had gotten to see Venice at night. I’m usually pretty home-bound. But I tried to get an x-ray after class yesterday, so I took the boats to the hospital… long story short, they don’t have the right doctors there after 8:00 at night, so it was an unsuccessful attempt. I was very frustrated about wasting all that time because I didn’t get home until nearly midnight. Plus there were more communication barriers than the guy from school who told me about the hospital said there would be. PLUS I was just really scared in general about the results of the x-ray that couldn’t even happen. … so I started crying after I left the hospital and when I got on the boat, to make the night worse, there was this mother who was in a relentless argument with her two children IN ITALIAN, and it was sooo stressful on me and annoying that I got up and moved to the other end of the boat. BUT then when I transferred boats to my home-bound boat, I bought a 1.5 liter bottle (they don’t have 2-liters in Italy) of this carbonated orange juice stuff … because that’s what I do when I get stressed out and mad… partake of large amounts of fruit-enhanced beverages, and basically life improved. Because suddenly I noticed Venice’s romantic, peaceful, and calm side of the night. The lights were beautiful, everyone, it seemed, was in love, and the water was gorgeous, and it was an adorable little city. I took an outdoor seat on this boat and enjoyed the half-hour ride thoroughly until I got too cold and moved inside. It was a wonderful blessing to cap off a frustrating evening.

Tomorrow we’re going to Verona (where Romeo and Juliet lived), so I hope I have new interesting things to post about that! I’m planning on staying late in Verona to do some drawing on my own… it’s supposed to be quite scenic. We’ll see how it goes! P.S. it should be less awkward of a day trip than Padua because my classmates won’t all be hungover. I think they realized that that’s not a good idea to do…. funny how common sense and forward thinking come into play.

But generally, this has been a pretty busy week. Aside from lots of projects to do, I’ve been trying to get ahold of my doctor as well. That’s why I was after an x-ray. I’m just concerned about the healing of my foot, and I want the assurance that the one incident I had of coming down pretty hard on it to catch myself from slipping in the rain last week didn’t further displace the fractures. I’m really kind of nervous about that, but the fact that the pain and swelling decrease daily is a good sign. It’s just that I am probably 50 times more active than people with broken feet normally are…. so keep that healing in your prayers.

More bad food. Gorgonzola cheese. It’s awful.

And I’m getting kicked out of the lab pretty much right now, so goodbye for now!


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