So even though my brother invited his friends over to eat all of my popsicles, he managed to say something really encouraging today. We went out to Best Buy for a CD for mom, and checked out the Pier 1 Clearance store for any new great finds (no such luck), then were going for a walk to the CVS on a mission, then it started thundering, so we decided to walk to Jenny’s to invite her over to watch the storm, but we got sidetracked because Kathy was having a little worship committee meeting on her porch, complete with pizza, and we stopped in for a little while. Upon our departure, Tim said, “Yeah, you’re gonna be the aunt that everyone likes to go over to her house for get-togethers.” And of course I immediately retorted with “Yeah, if I ever can afford a house.” But then I asked what he meant, and it’s just cuz, yeah, I think Kathy and I have a lot in common like that… she’s very hospitable, into making her house look cute and entertainment-friendly, and all that kinda stuff… so even if I never fall in love again, marry, and have a kid or two of my own, my nieces and nephews will all love coming to visit, because I’ll always have popsicles in my freezer, just like Kathy always did, and my brothers and their wives, and friends, can all come over for wine-tasting parties, movie nights, and good games of Scrabble and Apples to Apples. Or something like that.

And that’s something to look forward to 🙂


Hannah Downey

UX Design Consultant at Salesforce focused on content & sustainability. I love information design, the art+science of text, guac, sweet potatoes, & amazing people.

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